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To dream. Abstract, confusing, intense. We are all familiar with it. It grabs us and takes us to an unknown world. But upon attempting to express these experiences to the outside world as they are, we cease to do the essence of our dreams justice. 

In attempt to better understand our own subconscious states, we hope to find conscious connection with our dreams. The experimental journey will play a big part in our expressive installation.  

By collecting the emotions that came with our dreams thus far, we began analyzing the effect if left on us, how it is trying to connect with us, and why we feel prone to look for its meaning. 

We’ve found visual impressions in real life within nature and its abstract forms.

_MG_6682 3.png
_MG_6386 4.png
_MG_6665 2.png
_MG_6480 2.png
_MG_6432 3 2 kleiner.png
_MG_6484 2 kleiner.png
_MG_6512 2 2.png
_MG_6359 2 2.png
_MG_6203 2 kleiner.png
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