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Het Ritueel

"Het Ritueel" is an art project specially created for the exhibition Contrapunt XIII. Inspired by the essence of meditation and the deep-rooted principles of the Korean art style Dansaekhwa, this project invites the viewer into a contemplative and immersive experience.

In this unique work, meditation and performance are brought together to establish a symbiotic dialogue between body and mind. Through repetitive movements and carefully chosen symbolism, a ritual is formed, inviting the viewer to connect with their inner self and explore the deeper layers of the human experience.

The influence of the Korean art style Dansaekhwa weaves through the artwork, exploring the monochromatic aesthetics and emphasis on the expressive power of the whole body. Sabine uses this method to create a meditative ritual that bridges emotional introspection and spiritual exploration. The performed aspect holds a central role. It is not only a discovery of the spiritual realm but also an exploration of her own practice. Sabine has previously explored this method in Korea itself, where she experienced meditation in a Buddhist temple and practiced traditional Korean painting.

With "Het Ritueel" the viewer is invited to partake in a transcendental journey, encouraged to find tranquility and reflection amidst the busyness of daily life. Enter "Het Ritueel" and allow yourself to be carried away on an inner voyage of meditation and performance, as you explore the boundaries of the human experience and discover the healing power of art.

Within my methodology for the project "Het Ritueel" I have integrated several steps to create a meaningful and profound creative experience. These steps form the essence of my process and have been carefully chosen to establish a connection between inner peace, expression, and the artworks themselves.

The first step in my methodology is meditation, which also serves as a performance where I utilize my body expressively to attain inner tranquility. Through movement and expressive gestures, I strive to establish a deep connection with my inner self. This meditative performance is a powerful way to express my emotions and experience a sense of harmony and serenity.

Next, I incorporate the second step in my process, which involves traditional ink painting on clean paper and capturing photographs of the performance. I draw inspiration from the techniques and principles of the Korean art style, Dansaekhwa. While engaged in the process of painting and creating the images, I experience a sense of inner calmness, establishing a connection between myself and the artworks that come to life.

I repeat these two steps, the meditation-performance and traditional painting, multiple times, creating a ritualistic quality. Each repeated process deepens my experience and fosters a sense of engagement and connection with my artistic practice.

Ultimately, these two steps converge in capturing the emergence of a single canvas. This canvas becomes the culmination of my meditative performances and the expressive actions during the traditional painting. Documenting this process on the canvas encapsulates the essence of my approach, showcasing the intensity and meaning derived from the ritual.

With my methodology for "The Ritual," my aim is to forge a profound connection between my inner world, expression, and the resulting artworks. It is a quest for tranquility, harmony, and significance, where the ritualistic aspect mirrors the power and value of my creative process.

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