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Sabine Woudenberg (1997/NL) is a contemporary artist working within the photography medium. Sabine is researching new methods of photography. With this, she combines experimental and conceptual ways of working in an attempt to create for herself a new form of photography and seeing, which she applies in storytelling and creating interpretive/surrealistic images.

Artist Stament

Sabine Woudenberg, (1997 / the Netherlands) works conceptually as a contemporary artist within feminist and psychological themes. She organically manipulates conditions surrounding the image and explores the relationship between various images and medium, such a photography, painting, sculpture and performance, mostly expressed in monochromatic works.

Her process starts with reflecting on herself and using her own body as a means of expression. Resulting in works that are just as much surrealistic photographs as performances. Symbolic and metaphorical scenes are created by dealing with the immortal and the invisible, the emotions and images of individuals that cannot be expressed in words or texts. Through these works, the artist maintains a dialogue with the viewer about the experience of being.
Ultimately, the composition of her work is a visual poem.


IG:        @sabinewoudenberg


Korean National University of Arts, Seoul | Fine Arts
Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam | Fine Art Photography
Minor Photography

Exhibitions and Nominations

Galerie KW4, Contrapunt XIII, Zwolle, 2023
Korean National University of Arts, "Teeming", Seoul, 2022
PRJCTLA, LA XX NL, Los Angeles, 2022
BBA Gallery, Berlin, 2020

ROOT Studios, New York City, 2018 
PROTO Odeon/Het Fraterhuis, Zwolle, 2018
Finals Deltion Photography, In the spotlight, Zwolle, 2018
          Nominated for PROTO
Fotoacademie, Your World. Your View, Amsterdam, 2018
          1st Place
Deltion World Press, Academiehuis Zwolle, 2016
          1st Place
Kunsthuis secretarie, Meppel, 2014  

Publications and Interviews

Discarded Magazine
            Online Publication

Kiekie #22
Lensmagazine Issue 48
            Online Publication
TSV_ZINE 'Self-Reflection'

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