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The work Resolution is heavily influenced by the artists experiences within her exchange in Korea. Walking through the works can be seen as walking with the artists through her growth. From the moment it arrival in Korea, Woudenberg felt very watched by her surroundings; camera's and people. Being unfamiliar and uncomfortable with this feeling, she seeked safety in the countries beautiful nature. Within here, she took control of her mind and emotions and created a work from this. Ultimately, the viewer can place themselves within the work, wondering about what happened and what has occurred.

The work consists of three chapters, guiding you through the tranformation the artist went through

Work 1:
Unhiding I
Acrylic paint on fabric
4m x 1m


Unhiding II
Performance video
14 minutes
Body paint by Karina Konjuschenko

Work 2:
Transforming I
Glass sculpture
20cm x 40cm x 40cm

Transforming II
Fine art giclee photographic
42cm x 59 cm

Transforming III
Fine art giclee photographic
42cm x 59 cm

Work III:
Fine art giclee photographic
59cm x 42 cm

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